Talking about exhibition labels at Boring Conference 2015. Photo (c) Isabelle Adam, used under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

I write about museums, exhibitions and other aspects of my work, including features and reviews for professional publications and newspapers. I have been interviewed for articles and podcasts, and regularly give talks in both academic and informal settings.

Please contact me if you would like me to write an article or talk at an event, or for interview.

Examples of articles (excluding reviews), interviews and talks, in reverse date order:

  • The Future of Museums, invited paper & panel discussion at the inaugural meeting of the British Sociological Association’s Sociology of the Arts study group, August 2015.
  • Supporting Curators of the Future. Keynote presentation at the Future Curators conference, British Museum, May 2015.
  • An Insider’s Guide to Exhibition Labels at Boring V, London, May 2015.
  • Interviewed about exhibition making by Helen Zaltzman for The Allusionist podcast, March 2015.
  • Tomorrow’s World (interview) (paywall) by Geraldine Kendall, Museums Journal, October 2014.
  • In Case of Emergency, Break Convention: Displaying New Ideas in Exhibitions, conference paper, Museum Metamorphosis, University of Leicester, November 2013
  • The Low Down on the Life of Early Career Museums Professionals (part 1 of 2) and Rethinking Museum Training & Careers (part 2 of 2) for London Museums Group blog, October 2013.
  • Museum People Should Show Off More for Guardian Culture Pros, May 2013.
  • The Future of Science Exhibitions, panel discussion (chair & organiser), Imperial College London, September 2012.
  • From King’s Library to Enlightenment Gallery, conference paper, Museum 2011, Taipei, Taiwan, November 2011.
  • History & Curiosity at Tate Modern, Centre for Museology, University of Manchester, January 2008.
  • Representing the Abolition of the Slave Trade, panel discussion, Museums Association conference, October 2007.
  • Experimental Thinking (paywall) Museums Journal, 2007 pp 26-27.
  • Narrative and Design, seminar, Science and Technology Education Group, King’s College London, November 2006.
  • A Very Public Engagement (paywall) Museums Journal, 2006, pp.26-29.
  • Against Interpretation, panel discussion, Museums Association conference, October 2005.
  • Displaying Discussions: Exhibitions and Controversies, seminar, Museum of the History of Science, Oxford University, May 2005.

I have written over 30 exhibition reviews, including:


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