A very informative and eye-opening guide through exhibition design. The activity was a great way to apply the taught concepts.

— Course participant

training image 1

Exhibitions are a complex multimedia format, created by multi-disciplinary teams. How does the idea for an exhibition become three-dimensional? How can you make sure the subtleties of an idea are conveyed clearly?

I offer training for museum professionals, public engagement professionals, students and others in exhibition production. Courses cover elements of exhibition making such as the development of an exhibition from concept to the visual and spatial language, project teams and team working, and commissioning designers. I offer a range of courses and would be happy to discuss creating one tailored to your needs.

Please contact me for further information, to commission a course or find out about future training events.

Rachel delivered a highly informative and enjoyable introductory training course on exhibition design for RSB members, which was well presented and received excellent feedback. I would recommend Rachel, who was an enthusiastic, engaging and knowledgeable speaker. Her extensive professional experience provided an informative and eye-opening guide through exhibition design. I look forward to working with Rachel to deliver more courses.

— Emma Kelson AMRSB, Royal Society of Biology Training Officer

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